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    Post by Voipray on Mon Dec 19, 2016 11:53 am

    Many have told strange tales... tales of a horrifying monster clad in daemonic armor... wandering about the lands of Ither for all eternity subject to a torture to last all his life... Well, the legends are true. That monster has no name... It cares not for such things... But you may know him by what he is, what he will always be... Scum.

    Few know the tale behind this creature... they know only of his horrifying aura and the danger he poses. However, rumor's persist about this beast... rumors that say he comes from an age passed years ago, the age of blood...

    Allegedly this beast was once a horrifying warrior of Ira, the empire of anger... he fought and shed blood for his empire like any other warrior... however, his lust for blood and power grew... and soon he began to challenge his own kin, decimating any who stood in his way until he stood as a mighty commander in the armies of Ira. He gained a great standing in the empire and carried out countless successful battles against Odi. However, he led a risky strike against the capital city of Odi, only to be utterly and hopelessly destroyed by them. He returned to his empire in shame, in the age of blood... there was no such thing as failure, only victory... or death.

    When the great leader returned in shame... he was immediately stripped of all titles and standing. He was dirt to the empire, fit only to be trod upon... And as such his empire decided to subject him to a special kind of hell. You see, normally he'd have been executed via torture for his failures... but the losses suffered as a result of his failure warranted something new.

    He was publicly bound to a set of specially crafted berserker armor, armor meant to offer maximum protection for the user yet cause incredible pain to drive it's wearer's to their brink turning them into dangerous murder machines. But this armor went a step beyond... it was painfully bolted, burnt, welded, nailed and screwed into his flesh and bone so that it could never be removed. All the while causing a pain and suffering previously unheard of to the empire.

    But this was not enough to them, they needed to torture him further... blood mages were employed to cast a spell upon the armor... to ensure his punishment lasted for eternity. A total of a thousand slaves were sacrificed to cast a spell of immortality upon him, so long he hid inside that armor he could never die, and so his torment would last forever.

    He was resilient at first, taking the torments given to him unflinchingly... but over time, he knew he could not stand the constant pain, the constant torture... he snapped... his mind shattered in thousands of pieces and he became a monster.

    Now that the age of blood has passed... only he remains as a frightening reminder of the horrors that age had to offer...

    If you come across this fabled beast... this... scum of the earth... run, hide, he will show no mercy, and deserves none.

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