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    A meeting of two souls


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    A meeting of two souls Empty A meeting of two souls

    Post by Voipray on Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:16 pm

    It was a peaceful day, the warm breezy weather never seemed to change near the forest. It was part of the reason Ganora's clan set up camp there, never had to worry about the elements. It was nearing hunting season, some of the most prime game the forest had to offer was finally showing it's face. As one of the younger but more skilled hunters of the clan, Ganora was tasked with bringing back meats and pelts for the clan. And so she and the other hunters set out on their own separate ways to find their prey.

    Most of the hunters were still wary of the more denser parts of the forest, where elves were said to tread, but Ganora feared not. In fact, she went deeper into the winding and mystical forest of golden and whimsical trees each day in hopes that she might one day see and elf up close, perhaps even that young elven boy she say reading beside the pond.

    She must have been in that forest for several hours, barely finding so much as one deer that she couldn't even hit with her bow. She was just about ready to give up and head back to camp, she was frustrated, tired, but... she wanted to stay, just a little longer. Maybe... she thought. Maybe the elves would find her? It might have been her fatigue just getting to her head, but... she wanted to go deeper into the forest, maybe even rest there. The forest, however dense and endless, just seemed... so enticing to her, so alluring, so... tranquil. It might have been the warm comforting warm ever present there, or the rumors of elves but at the end of the say she simply couldn't keep away. "Perhaps if I stay the night..." she said to herself as she continued deeper. Eventually after walking for long enough to tire herself out, she took a seat and laid down upon a comfortable spot at the foot of a large tree, she intended to stay the night, or at the very least until some game, or elves, came to her. She lay there, slowly losing her grip on consciousness, falling asleep... ever... so... slowly. And then, just like that, she passed into sleep.

    She dreampt herself onto a small beach, she lay there, the waves slowly and gently washing over the shore as the sun warmly welcomed her with it's rays. She didn't want to move, it was too comfortable not to. However she saw... him, the elf boy she had stumbled upon before, he was... walking across the beach, slowly. She couldn't quite see his face but it had to be him. She wanted to reach out to him, to call out to him, to beckon him close. But... she awoke, forced out of her intense sleep by a short sharp shout of what sounded like horrendous pain followed by drawn out and aggravated groans. Ganora shot up, "What was that..." it didn't sound like any animal she'd ever heard, in fact it sounded... like... a person. Not an orc for sure but... someone. "Hello? Hello? Who's there?" she called out in what little common she knew. She was then greeted with silence, she still heard the soft whimpers, they were close but whatever was making them had clearly lowered it's voice. She couldn't sit idly by, Ganora got up to search for whatever had cried out. She hurriedly stumbled around the nearby twists and turns of the forest in search until finally, there he was. It was the elf she had seen before, he had fallen prey to a bear trap... of clear orcish make, probably her clan's doing. The elf looked up at her, his glowing eyes leaking with soft silent tears as blood dripped from the wounds caused by the iron trap around his exposed leg. "Andanon anchinabe, Ulinabe ananay chinay..." he said weakly, looking to Ganora. She knew not what to do, the elf continually motioned to the trap. Ganora had seen traps like this before, she never used them... always caused undue suffering for the animals, and there were always the poor souls like this boy who found their foots inside as well. "I... I... I'll try. I'm so sorry..." she stuttered as she pulled her knife out, the elf flinched in fear, he thought she was going to cut his foot off. Ganora winced back a bit as well, she tried to reassure him by shaking her head no and using her knife to slowly pry open the trap. The elf winced shuddered and whimpered as it was painstakingly removed, eventually it was open enough that the elf could free his leg, and he did. He quickly attempted to get up and run away but his leg was hurt so badly that he couldn't he fell down from the pain of straining it so. "Andasorath..." he said, presumably an elven swear word. Ganora was reluctant... but she got up and slowly went over to him, he was crying... crying into his arm on the ground. Ganora gently put a hand on the back of his leg, he tensed up and slowly looked back... she was... cleaning the wound. Wiping up the blood with a small cloth, he sniffled and wiped away his tears. She looked to him and softly went "Shhh..." and so he calmed himself down, relaxed his leg, and let her heal him. Once she had finished cleaning his wound she wrapped it as best she could with some cloth she tore off of her clothes, binding it tightly to stop the bleeding. Once she was done the two just... starred at each other. Ganora offered her hand to him, she knew not why but she did. He took it ever so slowly, he pulled it close and planted a small kiss on the back of her hand "Ishdal'diyeb..." he said quietly. He slowly got up, bowed, and began limping into the forest, disappearing after a short while as Ganora watched. "You're... you're welcome..." she said softly. She got up, and headed back to camp.

    She knew not how to feel... but, she was happy none the less. Maybe she would see him again?

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