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    Major Races


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    Major Races Empty Major Races

    Post by Voipray on Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:59 pm

    Greys: Among one of the first races in the galaxy to have achieved space flight, the greys visited many planets long before any other race had discovered aeronautics. The Greys are a highly intelligent albeit solemn race of short black eyed grey skinned aliens that tend to avoid political affairs with the other races, instead choosing to be neutral on most issues, policies, and factions. This may be in part to their race's natural timidity, the Grey's could have conquered the galaxy with the extremely early technology jump but instead passively watched the other minor races progress and grow.

    Nelhunis: Originating from a mostly water covered planet, the Nelhuni race had a fairly difficult time ascending to the galactic scene. Being a humanoid, blue skinned water adapted race it took them some time before their could truly industrialize. However, once they did join the ranks of the space faring races they became highly regarded and respected for their rich culture and shrewd negotiation skills. Nelhunis are regarded as pacifists and are very out spoken in matters of galactic stability which has given them high standing in the United Republic.

    Klaxi: Little has been known of what the Klaxi used to be, but we currently know that their race is made of fully sentient machines. Allegedly the Klaxi were a technologically advanced race that became obsessed with nanotechnology and cybernetic augmentation. This obsession eventually led to the practice of harvesting organic intelligence's and implanting them withing fully mechanical bodies. The Klaxi quickly became the galactic masters of cyber and nano tech, giving them a definitive if not awkward place within the Republic. Most races are suspicious of the Klaxi, harboring superstitions that the Klaxi might become entirely artificial, which is why most disapprove of giving what could eventually be full AI's a place in the Republic.

    Terrans: Terrans were an interesting addition to the galaxy. Compared to the other races, Terrans are biologically and genetically inferior beings. However, most races did not account for the cunning, tenacity, and determination that Terrans possess. When the Terrans gained space faring capabilities some minor races bordering their system decided to pick a fight with them. These races included the Bosh, a warlike reptilian race, and the Aedar, a small race that could only be described as gremlins. The Terrans utterly annihilated these two races. These sudden acts of Alien hostility led the Terrans to believe that all alien races wanted them dead! And so the Terrans began to press through the galaxy beating back countless alien races. It took the full might of the early Republic to halt the Terran advance and negotiate peace with them, thankfully the Terrans were able to see reason and apologize for their mistaken crusade. Terrans are now regarded as the most dangerous race in the galaxy, for the reason that throughout their entire existence Terrans warred with one another and perfected the art of war and combat, so that once Terrans entered the galactic scene they had more military experience than all races combined.

    Munashii: Munashii are sparse, thinly spread, yet are amongst the most powerful races the galaxy has seen. Tall, elegant, imposing, and incredibly cunning the Munashii have garnered incredible swathes of powers, wealth, and favor. However Munashii are selfish, preferring to gain power for themselves alone rather than for their race as a whole, which is why each Munashii is viewed as an independent monarch ruling over their own sovereign states, nations, or even planets. This behavior has all but black listed them from any position or involvement with the Republic, as the Republic cannot trust a race so divided between such greedy individuals. Still, many Munashii find their power by attracting large followings within independent systems and sectors by attracting them with promises of power, protection, prestige and more. The immortal Munashii are incredibly clever and awe inspiring, earning them much respect with foe and friend alike.

    Konatu: Konatu are an Avian race that resemble owls native to Earth. Their race stayed relatively primitive and tribal throughout it's existence, however during the course of the galaxy the Nelhunis came to their planet and began to uplift the Konatu, teaching them galactic basic as well as getting their people up to date with technology. Normally uplifting a primitive society goes rather poorly, but thankfully Konatu proved to be quite docile and willing throughout the entire process. Once the race had been uplifted they offered to serve the Nelhunis as close allies and friends. The offer was accepted and a close bond was formed between the two races. Konatu are mostly subservient in nature, often finding themselves in positions of stewardship, or by acting as ambassadors. The Konatu make a pleasant and diplomatically reliable addition to the Republic.


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    Post by MumsySnuggleButt on Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:42 pm

    Seosi: Hundreds of thousands of millennia old, these beings went unheard up until 800 Years ago. Floating from deep space that few have traveled, they were mistaken as unintelligent life, much like how Terrans view undersea sponges, and very few were concerned with their presence. It was only recently that someone netted one of the metallic blobs to study, only to be bombarded with telepathic intelligence once physical contact was made. It was learned that the beings thought that their race was alone; having no external senses, telepathy was the only way to communicate.

    In a matter of days, the universe learned that these sentient blobs are part of a group mind, the thought only broken with interaction with other species. They use 'We' as a personal genderless pronoun, and call everything that isn't themselves 'It' or 'They'. They only named themselves - the race - Seosi; it was the only one they knew or remembered. They have no concept of light, or color, or smell, or taste, or pain. They are alone within themselves, and with each other. They tended to be Geophagic, engulfing the minerals floating in space with their membrane, giving them their shimmering or metallic color.

    It was within the days after that the universe also learned that Seosi changed. They found a new Grey sitting in the room where the blob once had. They changed their form to understand; at least that was their reasoning and continues to be.

    They have no desires of politics, or war, or fame, or fortune. They simply wish to feel, experience the universe, and understand. They mimic other species that physically interact with it, forming into a new being. Though they have the ability to change back to extend their near infinite life, many choose to stay one race, even if that means aging, and eventually dying. They have a peace of mind that no other race possesses. Within that, they can do as they please, assimilating to the society and beings around them.

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