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    Da Ork Boyz


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    Da Ork Boyz Empty Da Ork Boyz

    Post by Voipray on Sun Aug 28, 2016 1:23 am

    First iz Bossy

    Bossy iz da smartest Ork in da bunch, he's also da biggest, when Boss Aleah ain't around you listen ta him.

    Second iz Smelly

    Smelly iz da stinkiest ork of dem all, he smells like a grot hereder dat one! But, he's got a real big stick he does.

    Third iz Wierdo

    Weirdo iz da takiteeshun of da group, when he tells ya how ta foight he's probably got da good idea.

    Fourf iz Teefy

    Teefy 'as da biggest an sharpest teef der iz, he once bit froo metal like a squig sanwich. He was whining about his stomach fer days.

    Foiv iz mr nailbrain

    He's got nails stuck in 'is 'ead! An it made 'im all weird... he's a fast talker he is, an he's real good wiff fixin our gubbins! (Gubbins is the Ork term for equipment)

    Seex iz Goff

    Goff iz da dumbest git der iz, but ain't nobody got a better WAAAAGH scream dan 'im. So 'es alroight.

    Seven... IZ ME! Uhmm... KARL!

    KARL iz da best ork out der, he could be warboss if he wanted t' be, but 'es noice and let dat Aleah be da boss cause she's a pretty one. An I'm da smartest and most handsome ork der i- (From here on out it appears as though he ran out of ink)

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