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    The Judge Of The Deep


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    The Judge Of The Deep Empty The Judge Of The Deep

    Post by Voipray on Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:40 pm

    Sailors, pirates, naval men, few can boast the talent for storytelling and tale-weaving that men of the sea possess. Tales of mermaids luring foolish sailors to their watery graves, of great sea monsters who pull under entire barges at a time, stories of buried treasure lost in far off forgotten isles. But few stories can match the scale of a story old as the sea itself... Old Roper, the Judge Of The Deep.

    The legends go that Old Roper was Ither's first pirate as well as it's first pirate king. His was a fortune so vast, that not even the kings of Regnorum itself have seen so much gold. He sailed the seas, taking on and destroying entire armadas at a time with nothing but his own flagship 'The Roger'. For ages he ruled the waters of Ither with a barnacle encrusted fist and a golden toothed grin. Sailors and pirates alike would pay tribute to Roper just to be allowed safe passage through his seas.

    However it would seem that in the end, Roper claimed far less authority over the sea than he wished to believe. On a dark and stormy night, with waves as high as castles, and nothing to light the night but the bolts of thunder through the air, Roper and his ship were brought to the sea floor... ending his reign over, allowing for a new age of naval trade and travel to be born in his absence.

    Some believe the ocean lashed out in rage and vengeance against roper, claiming him as he sought to claim it. However, there are those that believe Roper yet lives, his soul given new purpose as Judge Of The Deep... he who decides the fate of all those lost at sea. Even stranger however, are those who believe Roper's true form became manifest as he sank to the sea floor... the form of a hideous sea serpent that came about shortly after Roper's death. None know for certain, but what is certain, is that few wish for the return of the likes of Roper, he who ruled the seas.

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