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    Commute - Adam Empty Commute - Adam

    Post by MumsySnuggleButt on Fri Jun 02, 2017 2:48 am

    He kept his head down, staring at his gloves. He had just bought a new pair, made of a thicker material. Humans touched so much... It was so overwhelming... Touch, and taste... and smell... His face muscles constricted as the bus halted its movements and the stench lingered - Gasoline, he learned recently. He didn't like that smell, but he had found some humans that found it - not good, but familiar.

    "Adam! Hey!" He looked up to see yet another human face - Jack, his friend, he cataloged mentally. She understood when he got mixed up and got the wrong name to the face, or... was it the other way around. "Why the sour look, bud?" She had already made her way over to him and sat next to him.

    "Contemplation." He stated plainly. He didn't know why she said that; His face wasn't 'sour'. He forgot to move his face muscles sometimes with interactions, and other times he couldn't help but to move them.

    "Ah. How's your day been?" His eyes lowered to the frills on her clothes - Dress, it's a dress... - She enjoyed dresses; the flowing fabric and comfort, and the freedom from..... he wasn't sure. She wouldn't be specific whenever he asked. "Hey-" She tugged on his chin so he'd look at her face, "My eyes are up here." But she seemed amused. He wasn't sure if she was teasing him again...

    "Sorry...?" He forgot women had breasts, and they didn't like having them stared at. He forgot there was a binary gender at all most days. It had only been a few months since he changed. Since he took the form of a male, he couldn't stare at females. He had nearly gotten into a fight with one when he got caught inspecting her.

    She snorted - something she considered a laugh, "How are you doing, Adam?"

    "Well." He nodded, "Today has been fine."

    "Going to work?" Again, He nodded. She understood. It was the only job he could hold and not feel out of place. "Try to have fun tonight." She patted him on the shoulder, and he shifted uncomfortably. The bus stopped again; His stop. "You know where I am if you need me."

    He stood. "See you later, Jack." He gripped the strap of his bag as he moved through the aisle, careful not to brush up against anything.

    Once he was safe from the bus, he started walking, watching the neon sign get closer and closer, and the booming, muffled bass getting louder and louder. He ducked his head as he turned the corner for the back entrance of the club.

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