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    Post by Voipray on Fri May 26, 2017 1:52 am

    It was all a blur... a muffled mess of noise and anger. Delvus sat alone, his advisors in the next room bickering and arguing to one another... He tuned them out, only hearing bits and pieces by this point. "The mad men just won't stop!" "What of the outsiders?" "WHY MUST ME STAGNATE?!" Delvus sighed and closed his eyes... trying to think back to a time long past. He groaned and rose from his seat, stumbling away from his advisors... wine bottle in hand.

    He walked out into the open air of his balcony, over looking Galdossi... the ancient city of the Aun'sui... His people... He went to take another sip of the wine but found it to be dry. He sighed and tossed it aside, thankfully not shattering.

    He leaned against the railing and stared up at the star filled sky. With a sigh he pulled away from the railing, to take a seat on the balcony to stare up at the sky, his exposed skin being chilled by the cold night air. "My lord... what would you have me do?" he said with sorrow.

    The elves of Galdossi had been fighting a losing war against the "freemen" for quite some time now, as strong as their nation appeared Galdossi was only surviving... not thriving. Ever since Delvus the Merciful perished to disease to save the city from doom everything had changed for the worst... where once the elves breathed in life they were now choked out by the cursed smog of Kronus. Where they once could live out their lives as they saw fit they now had to follow code and strict doctrine to survive. Captum was cursed by their arrogance... a people who enjoyed the pleasures of the world without a care, growing weak and growing simple. And once they were shown just how weak they were they relinquished all freedom... all joy... The were slaves to their own survival.

    Delvus cried silent tears... he wanted him back... the merciful lord who's mantle he took up. What could he do? His people were alone, and dying...

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