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    Post by MumsySnuggleButt on Fri May 26, 2017 1:14 am

    The Bartender wiped the counter and sighed. With each passing day,
    there were fewer and fewer ships coming through the channel. It wasn't just his business that was plummeting, but a tavern had to stay busy to stay open... "Hadratir!" He looked up - At least the locals still drank.

    "Evening, Sven, How goes it?" He poured the man his favorite drink and sat it in front of him.

    "Not good..." He sighed, "The forge isn't getting many orders in, and I heard from the last visitors that Patrium had claimed Covano as it's own..."

    The Barkeep paused. "No..." Covano... Both Patrium and Covano had been growing so much lately, everyone knew conflict would come but... So soon? And so fierce? "What about His Majesty? He's taking us to war?"

    The man shifted in agitation, having ignored his drink thus far. "That's the thing, I heard he laid down his arms!! Patrium's army was too large, He would have never won."

    Hadratir scowled, "So instead of standing up, he rolled over like a dog...?" He thumped down the glass he had cleaned. Pathetic - He should be ashamed of his new homeland.
    He gladly immigrated, becoming one of the first to settle in Arteino. "So we're citizens of Patrium now? Are we going to start chants of Light and praising the paladins?"

    He rolled his eyes at the man's panicked shushing, "You can't talk like that, Hadratir!!"

    "And why not?" He snapped, "I'm losing business - You are losing business - the ships are getting so big they can't fit between the rocks, and now the country I've come to is gone. What kind of day is today?"

    The man took a swig of his drink and looked up at him. "So what will you do? Are you going to leave like everyone else?"

    The bluster left him. "No... I won't. I've invested so much into this town... I can't see it go to waste." He stared at the counter, the failing candle flickering in the reflection on the wood. "I have to see this through. Arteino will be the greatest Port city - Even greater than Covano."

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