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    Post by Voipray on Mon May 08, 2017 10:01 pm

    The arena was jam packed, filled to the brim with men and women who had a last for blood. They cheered and shouted as the match was about to begin, "CITIZENS OF REGNORUM! TODAY WE, OF THE AMPITHEATER OF ANGUISH BRING TO YOU A BATTLE LONG AWAITED!" the announcer billowed out. The gladiators listened behind their gates, awaiting their time to die. One man in particular was knelt in a cell alone, his knees firmly planted into the cracked stone floor. He looked up at a small hole in his cell wall, it lead out to an open sky... a sky filled with light... he reveled in what little warmth the light provided. "YOU'VE SEEN HIM FIGHT! THE THOUSAND MAN SLAYER! THE BREAKER OF GIANTS! TERROR OF DAEMONS! BANE OF DOOM! THE MAN OF MANY TITLES BUT NO NAME!" the arena gate opened and out he walked... his knees still sore from his meditation. He wore nothing save for a tattered loincloth and a helm of gold. The audience cheered and screamed in excitement, this man... he was a recent capture, and a deadly one at that. He was captured in his sleep but still managed to kill ten men with his bare hands, ten armored men armed to the teeth. He was thrust into the arena and forced to fight his fellow prisoners in exchange for his freedom. He fought with a power that the people of Regnorum had never seen before...

    He was like a force of nature, a power in and of himself, and woe to any who dared face him. "AS FOR HIS OPPONENT, WE HAVE A SPECIAL ENTRY! A BAND OF MERCENARIES HEARD THE RUMORS, OF A MAN WHO COULD NOT BE SLAIN! THEY HAVE COME TO PROVE THOSE CLAIMS... WROOOOONG!" The audience replied with mixed emotions, some cheering at the prospect of the invincible being made to suffer, others jeering at the thought of an unfair fight against their favorite gladiator. But out stepped an entire cadre of warriors, clad in professionally forged weapons and armors, and with a daemon blood letter in their party to boot... "PREPARE! FOR THE ULTIMATE BATTLE! OUR CHAMPION, VERSUS THESE MERCENARIES, IN A BATTLE TO THE DEATH! WINNER TAKES ALL!"

    Previously he had been told that if he won this fight he would be granted his freedom... he would not fail... He held his blade into the air, his eyes shut closed. The sun shined down upon him, warming his body and strengthening his resolve. His sword began to shine and glow until suddenly erupting into a beacon of flame, his eyes opened to reveal a gross incandescence, his wings unfurled as if already celebrating his triumph. The audience cheered, there he was in all his glory... the angel with the power of the light... a power long suppressed and forgotten, a power to burn away any foe a thousand times over.


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