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    Princess Lessons - Day one


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    Princess Lessons - Day one Empty Princess Lessons - Day one

    Post by MumsySnuggleButt on Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:58 pm

    Many of the girls in the city rushed and sprinted towards the castle, mothers and elder sisters in tow. Girls of all shapes and sizes hurried to become princesses. Eliriel smiled down from her balcony window, watching the children file in and be ushered and organized. Her own servants took care of her. "How many do you think are down there?" "They said about twenty signed up-" Twenty?! Really?" She didn't mind the chatter of her servants. It was relaxing in a way. "Your Highness, are you excited?"
    "I bet she's rather nervous. I would be, faced with that many children."

    She shrugged delicately, "They have their mothers. I'm sure everything will be fine." She adored children; She couldn't wait to have her own once she married. The servants below started teaching the girls how to curtsy once they all arrived, so she watched, her mind drifting off as her ladies-in-waiting chattered and finished preparing her.

    She could hear the girls giggling on the other side of the door, awaiting her arrival. "Are you ready, Your Highness?" A knight asked her. She looked up with a smile and nodded to him. A pause to step away from her before he shouted to his comrades. "OPEN THE GATES!"

    The doors opened slowly, the girls gasping and peering over each other to catch a glimpse of her. The sun warmed her from the cooler air from inside, but it was the stunned silence from the girls that warmed her heart. She walked out with her head high as she grinned down at the children. "Good morning, girls! Oh, my... There are so many new princesses!" She placed her hands on her cheeks in mock surprise, getting the younger girls to giggle and squeal. "My name is Princess Eliriel Nimesin."

    They all chimed in, the adults joining the children in a greeting as they curtsied, "Hello, Your Highness." Some of the younger girls wobbled and giggled, but she didn't mind a bit.

    "Very good!" She applauded the children, "Now today, you're going to become princesses, so everyone in the Castle will call you 'Your Higness'." She clasped herself in front of her, "I would like to know your names if you please." She started with the oldest girl and worked her way down, most of them fine speaking to her, some shy, but it was the smallest -the last girl- who broke her heart. She looked up at her with big amber eyes, the smile fading. She turned and buried her face into her chaperone's leg. The faun patted her head. "It's okay, sweetie. What's your name?"

    She peeked out. "Raina."

    Eliriel smiled. "I love that name. Princess Raina." The girl eased away, once again able to stand in line. "Now, We're going to go inside, and my lovely servants will make you all... look like princesses." The girls gasped and whispered to each other, "That means doing your hair, giving you pretty dresses - Everything."

    They cheered and bounced, even as they were lead in; they gawked at everything -
    every single bit being new and exciting for them. It made her just as giddy, and she almost forgot she was supposed to be grown up.

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