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    They hid in the pines, wandering ever north for their search for safety. They doused their campfires and sat in the cold, still in fear of being attacked once again by the harbingers of darkness and death. No one sang, or worked, or spoke.; They hardly even took a breath. "Taoiseach..." A younger fighter, wounded in the great battle the week before, came up to his chieftain and spoke in a hushed tone. "What are we to do...? With the-the-" He stammered, fear flashing in his eyes, "He's woken up... And speaks in a tongue no one knows. The women are afraid he's with the.." He looked around, and whispered with fear in his eyes, "Duine olc."

    Siobhan frowned. Early in the dawn, they had found a man adrift in the sea. "I don't think he is. Let me try to speak to him." He nodded and lead her through their campsite. She did her best not to look down at the scared faces of her people, forcing her eyes up to stare ahead as they traipsed over to the Saoithe tent. Last she had seen, the boy's wounds were being tended to by their best and most blessed.

    Now, as she dipped her head under the tent flap, she saw him crushing himself between the cot and a table covered in herbs and medicine, shaking. He looked up with shadows under his eyes, and redness encasing the bright watery shade. He mumbled something in his language, but it meant nothing to her. "Be calm." She said quietly, seeing the warrior look at her out of the corner of her eye, "Can you understand me?" He just stared in confusion. She sighed and turned to the warrior, "Bring him something to eat, perhaps we can coax him with food."

    The warrior nodded and left them. The wind pulled at the tent with a howl, and she heard the boy shiver and huff at the cold. Once more she looked down, and the boy flinched back at her gaze. He was nothing like she had seen; his skin was so dark in comparison to the alabaster of her peoples', yet his hair and eyes were of a lighter color. "You come from a land of sun...?" Still nothing. Slowly, she sat in front of him - her gaze locked on him just as cautiously as his on her. The cold came back with vengeance, the covering of the tent bulging in as it held against the wind. He shuddered and curled in on himself.

    She pitied him; someone so small, now alone in a strange land. She pulled off her fur cloak and leaned to wrap it around his shoulders. He flinched in panic before he realized what she was doing, then greedily huddled in the warmth.

    "Taoiseach-" The boy squeaked as a clanswoman came in, "I was told to bring food."

    She motioned for the woman to enter, not letting her eyes of the young man. The woman slowly entered and handed the woman the bowl of stew and bread. "Taoi-" She snapped her hand up, now to silence the girl. the woman bowed and left wordlessly. The boy looked at her in fear now. She held out the bowl carefully, trying not to scare him more. His eyes flickered between her face and the bowl, eventually finding the courage to take it.

    She sat back, only to watch him stare at it. She clasped the tips of her fingers and motioned to her mouth. "Ithe seo." He blinked and stared at her. Silence. Just as she was going to give up, she heard a noise. He mimicked the sound of her words, not quite making them right. Intrigued, she repeated herself, more slowly; "Ithe. Seo."

    Eventually, after quite a bit more time staring as his brows twitched in thought, he pointed at his mouth like she had, and then his food. "E-eat.... This?" She smiled and nodded. She saw the faint glimmer of recognition in his eyes, and he began to eat. 'He can be taught...' She sat back, then stood up to leave him to his food, 'Perhaps soon we will find out why he is here.'

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