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    No Man's Land


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    No Man's Land Empty No Man's Land

    Post by Voipray on Thu Mar 02, 2017 1:56 pm

    In distant Ny'alotha lay many frightening things, few more frightening than the stretch of contested land known as the No Man's Land. Only fools go there, that... or men seeking nothing more than battle. Warbands of all shapes and sizes head there to test their metal against the strongest Ny'alotha has to offer, few come back alive.

    In ancient times it was prophesize that in whom ever could 'claim the favor of war's spirit' would be 'granted a chance to change the world.' However, this prophesy fell upon only foolish ears, and so now many believe that whom ever emerges victorious from an eternal and bloody war in the No Man's land will be granted a wish. So now, countless war bands flock there in hopes to change the world in their image.

    However, one war band sticks out among the others. Known for their sheer power and brutality, the Charchadons stand as a towering warning that all who enter the No Man's Land will one die find themselves dead at the hands of ones far mightier. The Charchadons, mountains of men standing far taller than the average man, with bodies toned to their absolute strongest, are masters of combat. Though their numbers are small each charchadon has proven himself to be strong as a thousand men. And it is said that they have developed such a lust for combat that they care not for the prophecy they once came to fulfill, instead standing vigil in the No Man's land waiting for war bands to gain their strength before crushing them into the ground.

    All due to the leadership of their chieftain, only spoken of in legend... He is said to stand thirty feet tall... with skin made of steel... and eyes that burn through all they see. They call him Tiburon, the Great White. He has seen the destruction of a thousand armies and the deaths of countless men. None have faced him and lived to tell the tale.

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