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    Valentine - Katrina


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    Valentine - Katrina Empty Valentine - Katrina

    Post by MumsySnuggleButt on Tue Feb 14, 2017 10:50 pm

    Dearest Katrina,
          It is my honor - and obligation, to be brutally honest - to invite you to my Father's 'diversion' fest, where business and entertainment

    I care little for it, and frankly, I give up. I'd just be nice to see a friendly face for once. I wish we could go back to when we were shut into the library and told to behave during these things; Now I'm expected to actively and gladly participate in morally ambiguous dealings and horribly boring small talk.

    I am just glad to hear from you. When I heard that your ship had been found aground and abandoned, I feared the worst. I wish that I had never learned my fears were correct, but I'm satisfied with you being alive, at this point. Every time I hear of you getting hurt or encountering this 'Vega' character, it makes me sick. You're one of the few friends I have, especially right now. Lucian is suffocating me. He wants me to be a part of his and father's business deals. After his father died, I am afraid - not only for myself.

    What you were hearing was right, Katrina. Servants are going missing. Not just the men, but women and children too. Lucian was practically boasting about it only a few days ago, saying how he'd have to start hiring those with good fortunes instead at this rate. The other families will talk about it, but no one is doing anything. They want the poor to disappear. He's been obsessing over you again, as well. He knows I talk to you, somehow, even though I lie and act ignorant. I want to see you again, friend, but I'm in fear for your safety. Please, if you come, I beg you to be careful.

        Always yours,

    To Lord Johnathan Valentine,

      I graciously accept the invitation and look forward to the event. I apologize for the late RSVP, but I had prior worries to attend to; those being the state of my ship post mortem, and my recent 'relocation'. I only just now got the letter you sent, unfortunately, I knew what you were trying to tell me. I've been watching the waters - which ultimately lead to my untimely capture - and have managed to slip a manifest from their hold. Shipments of 'cargo' coming from our lovely empire, all funneled through one source. To divulge more information would involve you, and I would never wish my fate upon you.

    Fortunately, however, this 'Vega' just so happens to have turned coat, so to speak. He won't be too out of place among the other nobility that attend your father's affairs, though he is... a bit eccentric. He is useful in a thousand situations.

    I am more concerned about your 'affairs', in the meantime. Now that I'm back, we have to find the time to catch up and find our youth again. I wonder, has your father found out about that tiff you had with his client's son? Or the brush with the knight-son? It's quite amusing to listen - in this case, read - to you, if I knew you weren't older than me, I'd say you're out right adorable. Though enough of my pestering, We've come to port. I'll see you tomorrow, dear friend, and we shall share plans.


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