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    The Council of The Spire


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    The Council of The Spire Empty The Council of The Spire

    Post by Voipray on Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:47 pm

    There they all stood in the great spire of Ny'alotha, the warlords, generals, lords, rulers and hierarchs of the newly ascended daemonic empire.

    "Ny'alotha burns and soon shall capitulate to our total control... the seething tides immaterium overflow with anticipation... we stand now upon the precipice of vindication! JUSTICE, VENGEANCE, and total domination will soon be ours..."

    "Shut your mouth traitor, you speak of victory and vindication, have you forgotten your betrayal already? Do you not remember how you turned on your own brethren simply for a meager artifact!? I will NOT fight alongside treasonous dogs such as you!"

    "All this bickering... all this petty grievance, were we not once a force to be feared and reckoned? Was our creed once to kill and slay and be thankful you were of the strong? What happened to that? Where did our spines go hm? Look at us... crowded into a council chamber like feeble diplomats, I DEMAND WAR!"

    "Pfft... this is foolish... all of it, summon me again once you fools want to have a real discussion of plans..."


    The room was silenced by their overlord and master, Lord Lysander and his right hand Jondar. He spoke from behind a heavy cloak hiding his true form.

    "You are all sons of Ira and Odi, born of shared blood. Some stalwart and loyal throughout the ages, some wayward and treacherous... but the past means nothing... all paths lead back there..."

    He pointed to a large map of Daera.

    "The blade of fate hangs above Daera, together we will drive it deep into the heart of that miserable land... the shadows of what was once the holy land of the light shall face a legion renewed with daemonic might, we will shatter their warriors with our untamed vigor and power, their cities will be reduced to ash where they stand, the rivers will boil and run red with the blood of our conquest... let there be no doubt that upon our return to the now tainted lands of Daera..."

    None will stop us.

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