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    So It Begins


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    So It Begins Empty So It Begins

    Post by Voipray on Wed Jan 25, 2017 6:10 pm

    After all had been said and done, once Raina and Nisea knew of Taulian's plans to leave them, once he had gathered his things, Taulian at last set out under the cover of night. Leaving them alone... it hurt him immensely, but these fiends... these cultists... not only would they bring about a second age of blood, they had personally wronged Taulian by desecrating his father's grave. Retribution would be had, and Taulian was not one to take transgressions lightly.

    He traveled long all on his lonesome, what he planned to do was unsafe, reckless and quite frankly likely to fail... but if he was to aid in toppling the hounds of blood he'd need to do the unthinkable.

    He arrived at the outskirts of a hidden camp in the freezing cold of the shuddering plains. He could see it... a large gathering of tents and cages filled to the brim with slaves and slave drivers, with a large cave that they circulated in and out of... it was a labor camp. Taulian had just enough intelligence from his fellow wanderers to know that someone important was overseeing the works here, Taulian's mission? Get in... Blend in... and kill whoever's running this sick place.

    Taulian knelt down on a ledge overlooking the camp, he changed into ragged clothes resembling that of a lowly slave. He smeared dirt and soot over his face to mask his appearance and mark himself as just that, dirt. He took a knife... and with a reluctant slice... let fall his once long and flowing hair. If he was to pull this off, he had to blend in. He chuckled softly, hopefully Raina would still recognize him with how short his hair was now... maybe she'd even find it funny...

    He arose and snuck his way into the camp, managing to slink into a line of slaves headed into the cave. "MOVE YOU SLUGS!" a man shouted cracking a whip "YOU'RE LUCKY WE DONT FEED YA TO THE BARGASSI!"

    Taulian grimaced, he got in, now he just needed to complete his task...

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