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    Those Days...


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    Those Days... Empty Those Days...

    Post by Voipray on Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:55 pm

    Matt exited his office, he had just gotten the word that he was to carry out protocol mercy. He never enjoyed this protocol... but he knew it was necessary and he wasn't about to disobey orders. Matt made his way toward the quarters of another agent, first gen just like him. Upsilon's first gen agents are the men and women who have been with upsilon since the beginning of their campaign for the outer system. As they were the first agents ever created they had far more defects than the others, they were also the most powerful and cunning members of Upsilon. One such defect is a defect all first gen agents are at risk of facing... a defect that all first gens fear... due to genetic tampering every first gen agent is liable to die via a degenerative condition that causes the agent's nerves to overload on their own, slowly and painfully killing the agent. Matt was one of the last first gens, and it was his duty to over see the execution of all first gen agents who show signs of this defect.

    Matt opened the door and walked into the room. "Matt...? Matt... Oh... please do sit down Matt..." "Gordon, how are you?" Matt said sitting down on a chair across from Gordon's. Gordon sighed "I feel it... the doctors say all the signs are clear..." "have you taken pain killers?" "Yes... It's helped to numb the pain but... It's showing no signs of stopping." Matt sighed and nodded, "I brought you some things..." he said. Matt had brought a small box, he opened it and pulled out some tea biscuits, a porcelain tea cup and a thermos of freshly brewed tea. Matt poured it into the cup for Gordon, handing it to him. "Matt... oh you really didn't need... is that earl grey? You got me tea from earth?" Matt nodded "Of course, Anything to make you feel better." he said with a soft smile. Gordon smiled, taking the tea and a biscuit. He began to sip with pleasure. Matt got up and went over to a small speaker on one of the shelves in the room, after sifting through some songs he put one on. It started softly... and then began to play beautifully filling the room with the heavenly song...

    Gordon sighed and smiled, placing the cup down to listen to the song. "A classic... a true classic... Matt... didn't you used to dance to this song?" Gordon asked with his eyes closed. "Yes, I did... I miss those days..." Matt said pulling out a pistol from his holster. "As do I... Those days..." Gordon said softly. Matt walked up behind him with a cold solemn expression "Those glorious care free days..." Matt said pointing the gun at Gordon's head. Gordon chuckled softly "Indeed... old friend..." Matt placed a finger on the trigger, Gordon spoke "Matt... thank you... I truly will miss you..." He said. Matt nodded "I will miss you too... good bye Gordon... It was always a pleasure..." he said pulling the trigger. Gordon died painlessly in an instant, with a smile creased onto his face. Matt cleaned things up, before contacting the others... telling them the body was ready to be taken out. He sat down across from Gordon, listening to the music with closed eyes... "Those days..."

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