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    Atoms in the air


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    Atoms in the air Empty Atoms in the air

    Post by MumsySnuggleButt on Sun Nov 06, 2016 10:55 pm


    It took Its first breath, pain rocketing into its core. It realized there was something resonating around it, causing pain within as well. Softness under Its form, digits grasped and clenched. Fabric... It knew the word. It moved, limbs stiff and new, and sensation prickled along the reverse side - Spine... We have one now, like they do... - and wondered; What else will we feel? It would feel so many things, so many new things. It opened its eyes, Its new vision dark and blurred, but It didn't know those words.

    'It will see better, we promise.' It heard, echoing in the new cavity that held itself. 'We have woken up as well, and the sight is suitable,' Its companion spoke in Its mind, 'Be patient.'

    Blinking, it started to see properly. The light hurt, even as small as it was.

    Atoms in the air Sparkl10

    It moved a limb to see pigment covering what used to be Itself, and stared as it disappeared underneath. 'That is skin, that is the name humans give it.'

    'Skin... Name...?' It looked around, muscles in the eyes aching with newness. Looking above hurt the most, concentrated light centered there, so it shifted to look aside and saw a new form. They stared at It.

    They smiled. 'Humans will call It something, whether It likes it or not, unfortunately.' Their muscles contorted, but It felt.... more calm. 'We were human once before, and Our name was Gabriel, but We are new now.'

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