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    Post by Voipray on Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:58 pm

    My name is Tonio Leonne, I am an explorer, researcher, alchemist, writer, intellectual, and one of the highest ranking members of the Ula're academy of study and research. In my writing I will be exploring the many more foreign lands of Ither and recounting many of their defining features and traits including weather, foliage, geology and their inhabitants. To start things off I will tell you of Tropical Obora.

    The island of Obora itself is generally of a much warmer climate than the rest of Ither, which has given rise to it's sprawling and endless Jungle regions that stretch across the entirety of mainland Obora. Surrounded by several smaller islands Obora has become a hot spot for maritime traders and pirates alike to dock, restock, repair and rest. It is very easy to find yourself in the midst of criminals because of this fact, but it also means Obora houses many exotic treasures and goods that you would be very hard pressed to find anywhere else. For example, whilst in Isla Roto'Pesar I had my favorite explorer's hat stolen from me right off of my head! But thankfully with the expansive markets there, I was able to find a far better one, it was even lined with tiger fur! However, the port towns of Obora are far less interesting and far less dangerous than the main land and it's jungles.

    One thing to always remember when visiting Obora is to arrange for a guide if you plan to enter the jungle. There are some men and women who live off the hunt and foraging provided by the jungle who would be more than happy to act as a guide if given sufficient coin. However, almost all of them will simply REFUSE to guide you into the center of the jungle. I tried for several days to get an answer as to why, but then I finally discovered that it is because of the Oboran elves! Savages who have claimed the center of the jungle as their undisputed home. Wanting to know more, I decided to head into the center on my own. As an explorer, it is my sworn duty to venture into places deemed unsafe, so that you, the common man, may know what lies within.

    It took me at least a month or so of long and hard one man navigation and camping to work my way through the dense jungle bed toward the center. Along the way I remarked upon some wild life and plants I discovered. Indigenous to Obora are many strange and colorful creatures, some fascinating and some terrifying. For example, I discovered a species of reptile that I have dubbed Gnarlisks. During the day these lumbering reptiles resembling oversized geckos wander the jungle eating plants and fruits, but once night comes they hurry to the nearest jungle tree, huddle at the bottom, and their skin begins to harden like tree bark. I believe they have adapted this mutation as a defense against predators. Truly remarkable creatures! As for plant life, none stood out from what I saw, save for a peculiar plant I found that grows off of tree branches but clearly is a separate entity. It looked like a large barnacle with one long nectar covered tentacle dangling down from it. I was very confused until I saw insects landing on it. The insects began to feast but soon became stuck on the tentacle given how sticky the nectar was. The tentacle then began to retract into the barnacle where I can only assume the bugs were eaten and digested as food.

    Truthfully, I would have made it to my destination much faster had I not stopped to write about the different plants and creatures I found, but such is life as a researcher I'm afraid. I actually did not realize I had arrived in the center of the Jungle until I watch a spear zoom past my face into a nearby tree. I had accidentally discovered the elves. I would be lying if I said I didn't try to flee in a panic, but I simply couldn't out run a band of elven hunters. They actually captured me and brought me back to their camp, unconscious of course. When I awoke I found myself tied to a wooden pole with a bare chested elf clad in war paint standing before me. He began to question me, thankfully I had a knew how to speak elvish, so I had a small idea of what he was asking me, his Oboran dialect and accent did throw me off a bit though. After much talk it turned out that his hunters had mistaken me for a poacher! And thus brought me here for execution. Thankfully I was able to explain my trespassing and requested a peaceful exit. He understood the exit part, but not necessarily the peaceful part. He commanded his warriors to take the pole I was tied to and carry it out of their lands... with me attached. On my way out I was able to observe a few things from their society. I noticed something very stunning... they were by no means savage in any sense of the word. I say them creating fine art like crafts such as intricately woven rugs, masterful stone carvings, exotic tribal jewelry, beautiful pottery, and many other things that I doubt even some Daerans knew how to make. I saw them tending to fields of unknown crops, bringing in furs and pelts from hunting, as well as bringing home baskets of fruits and jungle spices. They dressed in distinctly tribal garb, with color coding that I believe marks their status in society... Brown being the commoner, yellow being merchants, blue being craftsmen, black being warriors, and red being the elders. I truly wish I could have learned more... but before I knew it I was untied and thrown into a pond along with all of my camping equipment.

    Obora is a very beautiful but largely untamed island, only for the brave and ambitious.

    Next I will be visiting the Kisrah desert, very exciting!  

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