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    Warning Shot - Natalya *Language


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    Warning Shot - Natalya *Language Empty Warning Shot - Natalya *Language

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    Warning Shot - Natalya *Language Finall12

    Earth Year 22XX ; Age 14

    The officer lead her up the driveway by her shoulder, the metal biting into the skin on her wrist. "You're lucky I brought you home, Miss Orlov, instead of putting you behind bars tonight." She rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth. It had only been a bit of trespassing, it's not like it was vandalism or some shit.

    "Yeah, sure Mike. Keep on saying that, but lucky is a relative term..."

    "That's Officer Beckert." But she had already tuned out. He already knocked on the door, he was irredeemable at this point. His words meant nothing to her; something about recklessness, or bad influence, or some shit. He had sent her to hell. 'I wish you had just taken me to jail.' The door snatched open to a half-drunken woman with a cigarette in hand and a screaming baby on her hip. Her mother almost seemed surprised to see her, and then any emotion got pushed aside; Her face contorted to rage as she stared down Natalya. "Evening Ma-"

    "Where the fuck have you been?!" Natalya felt the officer flinch back at her mother's shout, just barely making it over the decibel level of her youngest brother. "I take my eyes off you for one instant-" Her finger jabbed at the air in front of her. She wouldn't dare touch her while a police officer stood there. "And you're acting like a fucking disgrace and getting arrested!" Her shouting only upset the baby more, which in turn only made her shout louder.

    He straightened and cleared his throat. "She was found amongst other delinquents trespassing in private property-"

    "It was an abandoned building, who the fuck cares." She snapped.

    "-Shooting fireworks-"

    "I didn't bring those, I didn't even set any off, It wasn't my idea." She tried to pull away from the officer, but his hand tugged at her with more force.

    "-Which set off multiple car alarms and almost started a brush fire."

    "I'm telling you, I didn't fucking do it-"

    "Hey!" Her mother pointed at her with the cigarette, "Watch your fucking mouth! Or I might just let him take you to jail, you ungrateful brat!" She scowled at her mother. 'Irony at its finest.'

    The officer's eyes flicked between them. "But...." He started cautiously, "My partner and I decided to let her go with a warning. She claims not to have been in possession of the fireworks and says she didn't set any off. Since we have no proof of either, and since she's so young, we think that jail time would be unnecessary." To her dismay, he went behind her and uncuffed her, sending her to her fate.

    "Thanks for bringing her back..." Her mother grumbled, still glaring at Natalya.

    He nodded. "Of course ma'am. You ladies have a nice night." And with that, only her punishment awaited her as he walked away, and she was yanked inside - once out of view, of course.

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    Her head slammed into the wall and she tumbled down it, onto the floor. "You're fucking embarrassing me!! A fucking cop brought you home!!" Misha halfway hung out of her arm, screaming at her wobbly, jerky movements. The aching pulses in her skull halted most of her thoughts, but one was relatively clear; Who the fuck sold her alcohol...?' Her lungs screamed as she felt like all the air was sucked out of her as her mother's foot landed in her abdomen, and then again. "You're fucking trash! Disrespectful-" She held in a grunt as her mother's foot met her ribs, "-worthless trash!"

    She cracked open an eye, glancing into the kitchen behind her mother. Alexi and Erik hid in the cupboards, peeking out and watching the violence with terror in their eyes. She softly shook her head and thankfully they closed the door, now completely concealed from their loon of a mother. "Look at me, you bitch!!" A hand yanked her up by her hair and forced her to her feet. Her jaw went askew as her mother grabbed her face, breathing disgusting alcohol-scented breath into her mouth, "Look- look... look at me..."

    Her face softened. "Sweetie... My sweet baby girl... Why-" She shook Natalya gently for emphasis, "Why do you do this to me?" Tears welled in her mother's eyes, something that would normally evoke sympathy from anyone who didn't know her. Natalya knew better; it was an act. Her mother cared nothing for them. "Why...? All we wanted to do was give you a good life... Your father wanted that, you know." Her petting could have fooled someone as loving when it was too rough and pulled on her hair just enough to make her wince. "He left you... He left my baby-"

    She placed her hand on her mother's shoulder and in return her fist tangled in her hair. "You're the reason dad left! Because you're a fucking who-" Her head was jerked and pounded into the wall countless times, her mother and brother's screams mixing together. The drywall caved as she was slammed one last time.

    Once more she was on the floor. Misha shrieked over their labored breathing. "Don't you dare disrespect me again. I'm your mother." The fact that she grew so calm sent ice up her spine. She did everything to keep the tears from falling, she couldn't cry in front of her mother. "Go to your room."

    She rolled to her knees, swallowing the groans of pain, and staggered to her feet. With Misha's screaming, she couldn't hear her mother's words about something to do with dinner. Her knees buckled as she climbed the stairs and she gave up. On her hands and knees, she crept to her room.

    Glorious silence came to her when the door shut. That is, until the comm in her pocket rang with a message. Her arm trembled as she reached and pulled the comm out.

    "Grounded for forever, I guess... But I had fun : ) After my sentence, I want to see you again Q.Q I already miss you."

    'Emma.' She smiled, as much as it hurt to do so and wrote one back.

    "My mom isn't too thrilled right now. I wish you were here, but I can wait for you, jailbird. You made all this worth it. Love you."

    After a only a minute or two of waiting, she got a reply.

    "Love you to, Nat."

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