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    It was always in the middle of the night at the same time at the dawn of every new month, Taulian tucked in his darling Raina and waited till his beloved Nisea had passed into sleep. Once they were both asleep, he would take his sword off the mantle, he would don the black cloak he used years ago, he would take a single flower and make his way out of the city in the pitch dark with nothing but the stars as his guide.

    "Hello Taulian, what brings you out this late?" A man said to him "I am delivering a gift, and I must be on my way." Taulian said in reply "I see, well, safe travels good sir." the man said as they parted. Taulian always left so quickly, he was like a phantom... he was able to simply disappear amidst the starlight, this unnerved most people but others grew used to it. Regardless, Taulian continued on into the darkness.

    He traveled on foot through the silent forest outside of the city, he kept his eyes low to the ground, only looking up every few seconds. Eventually he came to the foot of a cliff. He placed his flower inside his cloak and then began to climb it. He scaled the cliff with surprising ease, seeming to know where to grab and place his feet without even looking. Once he had scaled the cliff and pulled himself up to the top he paused and looked around before walking a few steps over to a grave. "Father..." he said taking the flower and dropping it onto the grave. He sat down next to it and looked over, the grave was empty... the tomb stone broken and shattered... the ground torn up and opened... the coffin splintered open... and empty.

    Taulian sighed, the shock of seeing his father's grave defiled had passed more and more with each time he saw it. He told no one of his misfortune and instead came back over and over to try and ascertain what happened... and who did it...

    As of so far, he knew not who could have done such a thing or why. He had no clue to go off of... he had nothing. Except... he saw a glint in the dirt, the tinniest shimmer of light... Taulian raised a brow and crawled over to and began to slowly unearth it with his bare fingers. The ground was cold to the touch but he tore into it regardless... he gasped softly and pulled away, he looked to his now bleeding hand... he looked back and began to dig once again. It was then that he saw it...

    The tip of a blade... he squinted and began to pull on it. He grunted and snarled before RIPPING it out of the ground bringing up chunks of dirt and grass roots. He brushed away the dirt from what appeared to be a very small knife... he brushed at the hilt specifically, but revealed something terrifying.

    "Impossible... No... No..."

    It was a sacrificial knife... Used in only the darkest rituals...

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