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    The Unification Wars


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    The Unification Wars Empty The Unification Wars

    Post by Voipray on Tue Sep 13, 2016 5:53 pm

    The Unification Wars D56efcdd27cb0a8eab745867bd12a973

    It's was near the dawn of the unification wars, the Nameless Saint and his legion of angelic liberators had emerged to do battle with the corrupt rulers of Daera. For the first time in years... the down trodden people of these kingdoms finally had hope, they saw the light at last amidst the sea of darkness. Now... emboldened by their new found rigor... they fought back.

    The battle field was scorched, they sky clouded and dark, but a mighty war raged on bellow. Rebel soldiers fighting for the freedom of the people had risen up to oppose the horrid ruler of Regnorum, Indrick the Mad. And facing them were monsters, daemons, and men who had sold their souls to the powers of evil in exchange for reward. The rebels had no hope of winning, they were out matched and out numbered, yet still they fought. They fought tooth and nail against those who would bring about a second age of blood.

    One man stopped and stared in horror at the battle around him. He saw the explosions from the siege weapons, the fire of the torches and mages, the bloody and pained faces of the fallen, the impending army of daemon influenced soldiers. He heard the screams of his brothers and sisters, he heard the clattering and clashing of swords and blades around him, he heard the war drums beat and the war horns billow, he heard enemies shouting down his comrades, and he heard his fellow soldiers crying out in protest "NO RETREAT! WE LIVE IN VICTORY OR DIE FREE MEN! CHAAARGE!"

    He could not bring himself to follow them, he could only watch in horror and despair as he forgot what courage was. The battle was lost to him... he wanted to run... but... how could he? He squeezed shut his eyes, pointed forward his spear and charge forth with the soldiers. He could hear them being cut down as they charged but he did not stop. He opened his eyes only to see a trebuchet shot land right in front of him, exploding and throwing him back. His vision went blurry and his hearing was muffled, he cried out in pain and agony... he prayed for release... for solace. But he knew none would come... He closed his watering eyes and gave up.

    He then felt... light, he felt the warmth of the sun on his skin. He opened his eyes, it hurt at first but they soon adjusted... and then he saw him. An angel soaring through the sky on pure white wings, clad in shining golden armor. The skies opened and cleared as he flew past. He smiled weakly before crying tears of joy. Soon after he saw large men walk past him and any other who had fallen in battle, they were clad in the same glorious armor as the angel. Could it be?

    All the wounded men and women, all those who were fleeing the enemy, all those still battling turned to see them... the Paladins themselves led by the nameless one. It was as though they appeared out of the heavens. The paladins formed ranks and began to march toward the enemy, it was then that the wounded and terrified soldiers got up, and took their weapons once more marching toward the enemy... this time with the paladins alongside them.

    Even the man propped himself up on his spear and then began to limp toward the battle, even if he died... he wanted to die a hero.

    The paladins tore into the enemy as viciously as they could, cutting down daemon and foe alike. "Fight, and the light fights with you!" the Angel shouted. Soon enough the enemy was being slowly but surely broken under the heel of the paladins. The Angel charged forward ahead of his men, he flew onto a pile of stones and bodies overlooking the battle. He raised his blade high and spread his wings, heralding victory for the forces of good. The paladins and soldiers cried out in joy. However... the angel closed his eyes basking in the radiant light, and could not see the corrupted black knight running up the hill to assail the Angel.

    The tainted knight drew his great blade and swung it at the Angel once he was close enough... the paladins and soldiers shouted to the angel in warning, but he did not hear them until it was too late...


    The man stood in front of the black knight with his spear puncturing his armor and impaling his chest. The knight was many feet larger and far more imposing than this wounded soldier. He growled in anger, he would not let him win. The black knight roared in anger and thrusted his sword straight through the man's stomach, then throwing him aside, he then turned back to the Angel to finish what he started. But by then the Angel had already swung his flaming claymore at him. The strike cut the knight down in an instant.

    The angel looked to the man who saved him, he was coughing up blood and didn't have much time left. The angel ran down to the man as the paladins and soldiers charged past them to pursue the enemy. He picked up the man and propped him up, "I thank you... brave warrior..." he said placing a hand on his shoulder smiling. The man smiled back, and looked past the Angel toward the light... and then died...

    The saint then took up the man's spear and charged back into battle once more with sword and spear in hand. That day, was the day the city of Regnorum was liberated. It was the first major victory in the unification wars, and the beginning of the end for the evil doers of Daera.

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