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    Jared Cain's story began they day he was born to parents who soon abandoned him, he would have died had he not been found by a shadowy figure. This strange person saw the infant Jared alone in the cold of the wilderness and looked upon him with pity, until it dawned on him what the child was doing or rather wasn't doing. Jared was smiling, laughing even. Not a single tear or sliver of sadness was present in the young boy's heart. The shadowy figure took the child and brought him to his small hamlet in a hidden away corner of the world so that he might raise the boy as his own.

    Jared grew up in this house hold with an almost unbreakable spirit and happiness, things that would make a normal child cry Jared would shrug off and look on the bright side of the situation. The shadowy figure wasn't always present in Jared's life, and would leave Jared alone at home for months at a time. Much to this man's surprise Jared seemed to flourish where others would most likely shrivel up and die. Jared on his own learned to cook, clean, read, write, paint, sing and do many more things. He learned all these things thanks to the home's large supply of books, scrolls, and many other things that served as a pool of knowledge for Jared. Eventually when Jared was seventeen his house was surrounded by a mob of many rather angry looking people brandishing weapons and torches. They were vampire hunters.

    These hunters had come for Jared's pseudo father in belief that he was one of the fabled creatures of the night. Jared for the first time in his life felt fear as they shouted and pit curses upon his father whom they threatened to murder. Jared knew not what to do but sit and wait in hopes that they would leave. The sound of clashing swords and screaming soon replaced the sound of shouts and threats, Jared's vampire father had returned and slain the hunters. Jared embraced his father with tears, not even questioning his father's vampirism for a single moment.

    "It's no longer safe for me to remain with you Jared... I'll be leaving again." His father said. "Will you be back?" "No" Jared gave his father one last hug before he went off into the dark of the night. Jared felt sad to see his father go but knew it was ultimately for the best. He went back into his home and slowly returned to his happy and jovial self after much thought. He had once again found the bright side. He stayed in the home he grew up in until he came to the age of twenty two when he finally ventured out into the world.

    Jared is easily one of the nicest and happiest people in the world, he's never seen without a smile and loves to make sure others around him are smiling as well. His manners are of the highest tier and could pass for a noble if given the right attire and money. He loves to inquire very heavily out of sheer curiosity which can often anger those he meets. He is very easy to befriend and once befriended will be happy to do anything for those friends.

    His lips oddly enough curve upward in a way that makes it seem he's always smiling, of course this isn't often noticed because it's hard to tell when he isn't truly smiling. his complexion is quite clean and almost woman like at times. His hair is a bleach blonde. His physique is rather tall and muscular despite his un-warrior like tendencies.

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