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    The Blessed Armor of The Nameless Saint


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    The Blessed Armor of The Nameless Saint Empty The Blessed Armor of The Nameless Saint

    Post by Voipray on Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:41 pm

    For all the Paladin Order has accomplished, for all it's feats of strength and valor, for all it's righteous deeds and glorious endeavors, it will forever live in shame and regret. Many would ask why, as few can comprehend the sorrow that the paladins hold in their hearts for what is arguably their greatest failure.

    The Holy and Venerated armor of their founding Saint.

    There was once a time when the nameless saint still lived and walked upon Ither, always clad in his golden and blessed armor. When he knew his days were coming to an end so that he might feel the light's full embrace, he went on a year long journey to hide his armor away across the lands of Ither. Upon finishing this journey he went to Regnorum's mighty fortress chapel, home to the paladin order, once there... he would pray at the Altar of the light until the hours of his death came. Before he did so however he addressed his paladins before his passing.

    "Hear me my sons... my companions... my paladins... the holy light calls to me, and I must answer. Though my life comes to an end, know this... you are to be my final gift to those I failed. You... are the unbreakable shield against the coming darkness. You are the last blades forged in defiance of fate. You are my holy paladins, defenders of the light and all it's flock. Be my legacy to Ither... let your honor and purity burn so bright that it shall be remembered throughout eternity!"

    After his paladins bid their master farewell, they were given a tome named the Codex. In it, was the wisdom and guidance of the nameless saint, the codex ordered the paladins to uphold honor and justice, protect the weak and the innocent, to serve the light in all things. But one matter stood out... "Reclaim my honor, and enact the greatest penance one can receive." a quest... a quest to reclaim the hidden armor of their master. Such a thing... many paladins wishing to show their purity set out on this quest, most returned in failure, but others... did not return at all.

    Now, this quest is forbidden. Any paladins who asks for permission to undertake it is denied. It is now reserved only for those who seek atonement, those paladins who have forsaken the light or their vows, they are sent to retrieve the armor and return in glory... or not at all...

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