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    Ork Island Empty Ork Island

    Post by Voipray on Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:46 pm

    "The insland known as Green Place, or it's true name Prosper Isles, was once a thriving island that boasted a strong human population with some elven villages. It's known for its abundant natural resources, dense vegetation, and plentiful mineral deposits. All of this made it the perfect island for colonization from Daera, however what was not known at the time was the island had a healthy population of green skinned creatures comprised of fungus that actually grow out of the ground like mushrooms, except these creatures are sentient. But... what was not known is that these creatures are childish and downright reckless with a great strength to boot. They saw the colonists and began to raid their villages, the first few attacks were easily thwarted as these creatures that they had dubbed 'orks' had never faced anyone but animals in combat. But, the orks showed a cunning to them, with every attack they learned from their mistakes and began to improve upon their short comings. Where they once fought with fists and rocks, they fought with improvised hammers and swords. Where they once fought bare chested they then clad themselves in slabs of rock and raw iron. Where they once charged the enemy in broad day light they then attacked in the middle of the night. This persisted until the colonists actually had to evacuate. The orks once again had the island to themselves, however the colonists left behind things that allowed them to learn... they saw abandoned boats... forgotten fire arms... misplaced mining equipment, soon enough the Orks began to build, and soon had the means to sail! They then set about sailing to Daera in search of 'a good foight' so that they may learn more from the people of Daera in the only way they knew how... fighting."

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