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    Post by Voipray on Wed Aug 10, 2016 2:31 am

    Henry was busy at work one day in the city of the elves, a city he and his family was proud of. Henry's family belonged to a clan of merchant dwarves who instead of selling dwarven goods to the surfacers, work as architects and engineers in various cities. No matter how little they'd like to admit it, every city that's come to fame and power has done so with the impeccable aid of dwarven inspired architecture and machinery. Every city had something, the Ancient city of Regnorum had its old whitering and rotting foundation fixed by dwarven ingenuity, Galdosi's people would die of thirst if it were not for dwarven water purification plants to clean their dirty and tainted waters, even Saizah begrudgingly pays for dwarven aid when fixing and maintaining their unstable underground labyrinths. And finally was Almarea, the dwarves had always shared a strong friendship with the high elves, they share trade, technology, research, so much. But little else signifies their friendship than the city itself, sure the city was elven built, but it was dwarven cleverness that made the city perfect. Installing powered street lamps, high quality aqueducts, sewer systems, automated gates and draw bridges, Almarea was already the jewel of Daera but the dwarves made it a masterpiece of technological advancement; second only to the underground halls of the dwarves themselves.

    All of this... made Henry proud, he was such a small thing but he just felt so... Tall. He would often obsess over his work, spending hours at a time learning how to work the tools and machines that kept the city running. He vowed that one day he would be just as great as the dwarven genuises who came before him. But right now "Henry! You're day dreamin again lad, ya goota get that clock work fixed. We canny let it just stay broken ya know." Henry's uncle said to him handing him a tool bag full of the replacement parts he would need "o-OH! Right away ser!- ehr... Uncle! ehr... I-I'm goin!" he said before running off to go get the repairs done.

    His job was to fix a clock tower that had broken down, it would seem that some birds decided to set up shop inside and thus began to gum up the gears and inner workings. Henry personally wasn't much a fan of fixing clock work, but... he asked to take this job for a reason... the clock was only a block away from where his new friend lived.

    Henry finally arrived, "okay... get m' work done an I'll go say hi." he said as he entered the clock tower. There was a tiny service door that was so small only dwarves could get inside, and understandably so because space was at a premium inside the tower. The young dwarf tried his very best to navigate his way through the maze of gears and cogs inside the tower, he needed to find the source of the malfunction and fix it.

    It took him a full half hour before he noticed a set of gears covered in enough sticks, leaves, and other junk the birds brought in. He sighed and hurried over to it and began the repairs... the repairs took much longer than expected, taking him a solid two hours to get everything out, cleaned, repaired, and replaced. And then he had to switch it on and start up the mechanism. And with the click of a lever... "Tick tock tick tock tick tock" the clock came back to life. And after some adjustments to get the time right the clock was good to go. Now time to go see his!...

    Henry left the tower and looked around, it was... pretty dark. Henry didn't want to admit it but the dark did kind of put him on edge, he wasn't scared by it... well, he'd never tell you that. He hurried over to Raina's house... or atleast the address he managed to find in the city registry. He took out a sealed envelope and placed it through the mail slot, he had hoped to deliver it to Raina directly but alas it was too late for that... he then hurried on home.

    If Raina were to read it, she would find a crude charcoal crayon drawing of a girl stick figure, a boy stick figure, and... something strange looking; thankfully though there was an arrow pointing to it that had the words "dragon" on the other end. And it also had a letter "Deer Raena, I hope I speld yor name right, I like your hair, we shood play together, I asked my uncle wat a dragun is and he told me about them, see you soon!"

    Henry went to bed with a nice smile that night, such a small child... but such a big heart.

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