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    Carlisle's Search Begins


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    Carlisle's Search Begins Empty Carlisle's Search Begins

    Post by Voipray on Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:16 pm

    Carlisle had packed his bags early that night, he had probably only slept a few hours since the disappearance of his children and it was getting to him. He did not like the situation he was in... not one bit, regardless of the fact that his two darling children had been taken from him, he now had to go on a wild goose hunt with his reckless trouble maker of a friend in order to find them. 'Why me... what cruelty have I wrought to deserve this?" he thought to himself, eventually he decided it mattered not. He would brave the horrors of what is to come if it meant he could save his son and daughter. Once he had finished packing his things he left his home, John was there in one of his expensive motor cars spewing gas into the air from his car's engine exhaust. "John, must you insist on driving such an impractical vehicle?" Carlisle said, knowing the noise of the engine would surely wake the town at this hour of day. "Whhaaaat? Carlise, old chum... This here is a marvel of modern engineering! Don't discredit it so fast." Carlisle rolled his eyes "Fine. Let's just go already, You promised we'd be leaving TODAY and I intend to hold you to your word, SIR." Carlise's mood was worsening by the second "Alright alright, just get in already." Carlisle nodded and entered the vehicle, for all it's overly wasteful embroidery, design and decoration it was quite a comfy vehicle.

    As the two rode onward to the sky-dock, Carlisle couldn't help but be silent the whole trip "Carlise, I know you're coming along for your children but... I am quite glad you're coming along!" John said as if to lighten his mood. Carlisle looked over at his friend, tired eyes gazing on him "Is that so?" he said. "But of course! You just have a knack for machinery, navigation and what not. You'll be an invaluable member of the team!" Carlisle sighed "So, mind explaining to me how you procured this ship? Last I checked you were in possession of barely enough funds to afford a office let alone an air-ship." John smiled as if he had been awaiting that question all day "WELL, my good man... I happen to be in possession of the rights to a platinum mine! Filled my coffers you the very brim, AND THEN SOME. As for the air-ship however... It used to be a Republic air navy vessel. It went down and they simply could not get it afloat again." Carlisle listened to the tale "We're flying a ship that crashed in past? That's... off putting." He said "AH BUT YOU SEE, with my funding, I was able to get the rights to salvage the ship, and once I had done that... I rebuilt it from the ground up, re-using and repairing anything intact and fabricating all broken parts. This ship, she's a real beauty." John went on for hours about the majesty of the Glimmar, eventually Carlisle zoned out and stopped listening. He kept reminding himself, 'I'm here for my children... I'm here for my children... I'm here for my children...'

    He knew not what lay ahead, but he cared not... He just wanted them back

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