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    Upsilon efficiency Empty Upsilon efficiency

    Post by Voipray on Tue Jun 14, 2016 7:54 pm

    The executive sat at his desk in his quarters, he was aboard Upsilon Corporation's flagship. It was rare for him to be this deep into hostile territory considering how valuable he was. And he knew that... yet went along anyway despite the danger. "Sir! We got activity on the long range scanners! Unidentified vessels are heading towards us fast." a man yelled over the intercom "Proceed with the plan then, all hands to their assigned positions." "Sir yes sir!" the intercom shut off.

    Just then, several pirate ships came out of warp speed and started to surround the flagship. The Flagship was much bigger than them all but it was alone. A transmission came in from one of the pirate captains, the executive opened it up to reveal a rather unsavory man... "Oi you! You're the fucking Upsilon guy aint you? You've been causing so real trouble for my boys out here, you know that?" the man barked out. "Which ones? The ones that joined me because I payed them double what you were offering or the ones that had their ship turned into a fine ash?" the executive said plainly. "YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN YOU SNAKE! Now here's the deal... you're gonna surrender that fancy ship of yours, or else you and everyone inside DIES. Capiche?" the executive chuckled softly "You say that like you're bargaining from a position of power here. Don't flater yourself, this system, and the Hexahedron will all belong to Upsilon soon enough my revolting friend." the captain seemed visibly pissed "Why you fu-!" the executive ended the transmission.

    The pirate ships all began firing every weapon they had at the flagship, however every shot, rocket, laser, bolt and beam they fired couldn't break through the ship's shields. "Sir, our shields are holding. But we've detected boarding crafts headed for our hangar doors. How do we respond." the executive leaned back into his chair "Let them board, no sense in wasting the ship's armaments on boarding pods. However, be prepared to welcome our guests." "Yes sir." the crew of the ship jumped to action, all heading to where the pods were boarding into. Once the pirates boarded the ship they poured in one after another, little did they expect, Upsilon had already arranged a greeting party.

    While the ship's security and the unorganized pirates duked it out in the ship's hangars, the executive made another order. "Initiate subversion maneuvers, Saboteurs, you know what to do." he said over radio. Unbeknownst to the pirates, cloaked and stealthed ships had been sent out before the flagship was boarded. They made their way to each individual pirate ship, sabotaging their engines, thrusters, and power supplies leaving the ships helpless without them even realizing.

    After a fairly short battle in the hangars, all pirates had either been subdued or killed. The executive was informed of everything, and chuckled "Oh dear... to think these are the people who so desperately attempt to oppose me." he leaned back into his chair. "Commander." he said over the intercom "Send out a boarding team of our own, I wish to speak with this 'pirate captain' of theirs." "Acknowledged. We'll have him in cuffs right away sir."

    Soon after the enemy captain was brought to the Executive's office. "Holy... what the fuck is wrong with your FACE?!" he said in surprise "Silence!" one of the guards holding gut punched him to keep him quiet. The executive looked down at him "Well?" he said plainly. "I... I admit, you bested me at my own game, just... just for love of god don't kill me." the captain said pitifully. "Hah... your own game? Oh please, you weren't even a player to begin with." the executive said, snapping his fingers signaling the guards to shoot the captain.

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