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    Panacea - WIP Empty Panacea - WIP

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    Panacea - WIP Cyber11

    (N.) A solution to all problems

    The glass pulsated in time to the throbbing beat of the music below. The kinetic sensors in his prosthetic picked up the muffled rhythm, echoing in his earpiece and reverberating uncomfortably through the alloy in his jaw. He loved his city so, even if it irritated him at times. His hand fell away from the glass and rested in the other behind his back. Life moved ever onward, even if it left people behind; grasping, hoping for a savior from the inevitable. Yet they found none. They never did, once they were abandoned.

    "The Director is here, Sir." The message interrupted his train of thought. One last look at the city below and he steeled himself - for the inevitable, he mused. He turned and placed a finger on the button, the prosthetic clinking softly on the glass screen of his desk.

    "Thank you. Send him in."

    Roughly, he sat in his chair. His artificial leg would need replacing soon. The technology was rather outdated, now that his company was growing and moving forward. He brushed off the thought and looked forward, folding his hands on the table, awaiting the doors to slide open.

    Yet it took longer than he thought. His brow raised before the doors extended, revealing a much smaller frame than he expected. "You're not Director Roderic."

    "No, I would hope not." She strutted in, a file resting on her arm. Her soft English accent was... pleasant."He's unbearable." He was finally able to see the olive skin contrasting against the red in her dress. He noted no cybernetics. Interesting. "He was unable to come. Something about an ill child."

    "You're his assistant?" He looked her up and down once more before resting on her eyes. There it was; Enhanced cyber optics. White irises glowed in the soft moonlight.

    Her posture shifted; Annoyance. "Actually, I'm Grace Sullivan, the Chairman of Cybernetics, London District. Director Roderic and I have been working together on the proposition he was meant to give." She tapped a nail against the frame of the file; Impatience along with the irritation.

    Very interesting. "Ah. I see." He motioned, "Then you have the floor." He leaned back, now intrigued with what she had to say. It was a rarity lately to be interested in much, even this deal bored him to death.

    She flipped the file and swiped the screen to display numbers and charts, ones that he had seen and studied a dozen times. "Mister Cross, Your business has had a near monopoly on the cybernetics and technology, and your influence has reached all over the globe." Again she swiped, to an unfamiliar chart, "Yet, the number of unaided in the undercities is overwhelming. The destitute are barely getting by and your company has been focusing on the Outer Rim Projects.

    "The London district has been noticing a few.... minor setbacks." She expanded a video feed. A loading dock, from a security camera, being infiltrated. Explosions rocked the feed, sending disruptions and glitching, only to settle on a new scene; one of the trucks now on its side, or rather... Half of a truck. The chilling scene continued, but now he stared at her while the cries of the injured were mangled through the compromised feed. "The suspects are a known terrorist group calling themselves the "Men of Limbo". They claim to fight for the people, but they stoop to petty disturbance, robbery - of your assets, citizen shakedowns, and drug and illegal tech smuggling and distribution."

    Panacea - WIP Dude10

    Her heels clicked as she strolled to the side, searching through the file and swiping more pictures. Now a mugshot sat in his headset. "Milan 'Echo' Petrov. Twenty-seven, from the Former Russian Districts." His expression remained cold, even as more mugshots flicked in front of his face. "Yakov Lukin, Twenty-eight, Former Russian District. Lia Torrez, Twenty-four, Barcelona, Spain. Miguel Torrez, Twenty-six, Barcelona. Cormac O'Brolchain, Perth, Scottland. The list goes on."

    The images blinked away, and he refocused on her and her visuals. "What we suggest is a quick, clean solution." Then she minimized her images and set her file on her hip. "Adress the attacks as mere terrorism and disturbance."


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